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Wellington Green Market 2014 | Details & Info

Have you had a chance to visit the Green Market in Wellington, Florida? Every Saturday…

Saturday Night Lights in Wellington, Florida

If you are a resident of Wellington or the surrounding communities, you HAVE to check…

Do Tinted Car Windows Improve Safety?

In addition to protecting your skin against harmful UV rays that lead to cancers of…

Are Tinted Windows Still Illegal?

Question from Patch Reader:  What about all these blackened car windows?! They seem so unsafe.…

Wellington Green Market 2014 | Details & Info

Have you had a chance to visit the Green Market in Wellington, Florida?

Every Saturday (November through April)
Wellington Village Hall Municipal Complex
12300 Forest Hill Blvd.

Wellington Florida Green Market Info

Currently in its third year, the Wellington Green Market takes place every Saturday from early November through April. The farmers market style gathering features fresh, locally grown produce, specialty baked goods, flowers & plants and house-ware. You can also find antiques, fine art, jewelry and much more! If you haven’t already, “Go West for Fresh” and visit the Wellington Green Market.




Saturday Night Lights in Wellington, Florida

Saturday Night Lights in Wellington Florida

Photo from

If you are a resident of Wellington or the surrounding communities, you HAVE to check out Saturday Night Lights if you haven’t already!

Saturday Night Lights in Wellington, Florida is a seasonal equestrian event that takes place from January through March. The Palm Beach International Equestrian Center puts on the events which host world class competitive equestrian jumping, entertainment for the family, live music, food, drinks and more!

You won’t believe such a spectacular production is taking place right in our back yard. The event is free to attend with only a parking fee which is $20/car.  Food and beverage options range from VIP tables to grilled burgers and cocktails. You can choose between Mexican food, Pizza and other options as well. The events also host a number of vendors featuring boutique equestrian wear, jewelry, clothes accessories etc.


3400 Equestrian Club Road, Wellington, Florida 33414


6pm every Saturday night through the end of March


Food, entertainment, world class equestrian jumping, live music, local vendors and more!


$20 per car to park, no cost to attend

After you attend, let us know what you think of the event via the comments below!

Do Tinted Car Windows Improve Safety?

In addition to protecting your skin against harmful UV rays that lead to cancers of the skin, tinting your car windows can also prevent injury in the event of an accident.

Normally, when a vehicle is an accident, non-tinted windows can shatter and lead to increased risk for serious injury to the driver and passengers. With tint, those types of injuries to the driver and passengers can be avoided because the tinted film holds glass together in the event of a crash. This stops shards and shrapnel from flying out in all directions.

Tinted windows can also prevent accidents in the first place by reducing glare or temporary blinding caused by the reflection of rain water from the roads when it reflects against the metal or windshields of other vehicles as well as oncoming headlights.

If you haven’t yet, get your car windows tinted! It not only adds style and privacy, it also add protection and safety for you and your loved ones.


Are Tinted Windows Still Illegal?

Question from Patch Reader: 

What about all these blackened car windows?! They seem so unsafe. You can’t see the drivers and can’t see if they see you! Aren’t they illegal? If so, why isn’t the law being enforced? Thanks.

Answer from CHP Spokesman Bradley Sadek:

We write so many tint or obstructed window tickets. The problem is people keep putting tint on!

Continue reading here…

Yacht Tinting in Palm Beach, FL by Performance Films

Looking for boat or yacht tinting in Palm Beach? Call the team at Performance Films Window Tinting and we’ll get the job done!

yacht tinting palm beachNot only does tinting the windows of your vessel help add to the sleek, stylish appearance of your yacht or boat, but it will also help protect it from the damaging UV rays of the hot South Florida sun.

While some yacht window tint will only protect from UV rays, our film also ensures that your important marine electronic signals will not be blocked or interfered with .

Benefits it yacht tinting in Palm Beach, Florida:

  • 99% Rejection of UVA, UVB & UVC Rays
  • Protects interior of yacht/boat from fading.
  • Up to 83% Glare Reduction
  • Day Time Privacy
  • Increased Shatter Resistance
  • Significant Reduction in Solar Heat
    • Comfort for people aboard vessel


Performance Films Window Tinting is locally owned and operated. We offer the knowledge of more than 30 years of professional experience providing the highest level of service and installation. We pride ourselves on exclusively using top quality products manufactured in the U.S.A. Quality is our primary focus and most of our products are backed by a Lifetime Manufacturer Residential Warranty! Our Solar Control Window Films are available in a variety of shades and levels of sun protection to best fit your individual needs.

Foxnews Article Highlighting The Lack of Protection of Auto Glass

This article highlights but one of the reasons tinting your car is so important, especially those living in Florida where the sun and UV is strong. All of our automotive films reject 99% of UV rays, helping protect your skin and your vehicles interior!

West Palm Beach Window Tinting

Performance Film Window Tinting in West Palm Beach proudly serves all of Palm Beach County for Home window tinting and Commercial window tinting applications, including the areas of: West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Greenacres, Royal Palm Estates, Palm Springs, Lake Worth, Loxahatchee, Tequesta, Jupiter, Abacoa, Lake Park, Palm Beach Gardens, Lantana, Hypoluxo, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Kings Point, Boca Raton, and Highland Beach.

We are conveniently located a 1/2 mile east of the Turnpike off of Southern Blvd to perform all of your automotive tinting, audio and electronics needs.

From Jupiter to Boca Raton, Performance Films is Palm Beach County’s premier Commercial, Residential, & Automotive window film installer!

Call 561.493.5139 For A Free Estimate

Fort Lauderdale Home Window Tinting

Fort lauderdale home window tintingAs a Fort Lauderdale resident you know that the hot South Florida temperatures can have an affect on many aspects of your daily life, but did you know that the hot summer sun could be affecting your home and your wallet? Call Performance Films for your Fort Lauderdale home window tinting needs!

  • Allowing UV exposure to penetrate your home windows can cause furniture, paintings and other home goods to fade and deteriorate. Having your home windows tinted can save your valuable household items from the damaging rays of the hot South Florida sun!
  • Non-tinted windows allow for the heat of the sun to enter your home. Tinting the windows of your Fort Lauderdale home can lower your energy costs and save you money! Don’t pay more for your monthly A/C bill than you have to…call the team at Performance Films!
  • Tinting your home windows can reduce the annoying glare of the sun from penetrating your home. No more glare on the TV screen or computer!
  • Home window tinting adds privacy to your home while still allowing you to view the beautiful South Florida scenery outside. Keep neighbors and passers-by from peeping in while still maintaining your outdoor view!

For a FREE estimate, give our team a call today at 561-493-5139!

Boca Raton Home Window Tinting | Boca Home Window Films

Boca Raton Home Window tinting

Home Window Tinting Boca Raton, Florida

Installing Residential Window film for your Boca Raton home is a smart way to lower energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions, while protecting your family and friends. Our products at Performance Films in West Palm Beach are designed to help home and business owners cost-effectively conserve energy, increase building safety, enhance comfort, and reduce monthly heating and cooling costs.

• light reduction resulting in:
• Up to 99% – 99.9% Ultraviolet (UV) light reduction.
• Significant fade protection for furniture, carpet, draperies, wood, etc.
• Reduced fabric/textile deterioration.
• Protects electronics and digital items.
• Increased safety

By Ricky Shockley

Doctors may issue prescriptions for dark window tint if necessary

Interesting article from

Q: What is the big deal about window tint? I just got a ticket, which I’m not happy about, but I also don’t want to take my window tint off! A friend also told me that you can get a doctor’s note to say you can have window tint legally. Is this true?

A: The “big deal” (as you say) is officer safety. That should speak for itself, so I will address the question at hand. Yes, it is true, but restricted. The prescription can be issued only when truly needed.

Basically, it is such that the tint law — specifically M.S.S. 169.71 S4 (b)(2) — does not apply to glazing (tint) materials that are required to satisfy prescription or medical needs of the driver of the vehicle or a passenger if the driver or passenger is in possession of the prescription or a physician’s statement of medical need.

The prescription or statement has to specifically state the minimum percentage that light transmittance may be reduced to satisfy the prescription or medical needs of the patient; and the prescription or statement must contain an expiration date, which must be no more than two years after the date the prescription or statement was issued.

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